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Personal Security Detail Lvl 4.

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

course Info:

This programme is specifically designed to prepare civilians who work in dangerous environments, such as journalists, IGO and NGO staff, and employees of commercial organisations, for a range of potential obstacles. Mission veterans and security professionals created the training's realistic scenarios, which are based on actual field experience. It mixes exercises of a military nature with in-depth justification and guidance. Participants must actively role-play according to the curriculum. It adopts best practises from military S.E.R.E. courses and is supplemented with responses to recently known threats, such as hostile intelligence, psychomanipulation, active shooter situations, and IDF circumstances.


Course details:

Duration: 7 days

Price: 6500Euros 

Weapons used:  AK and Glock

Price includes Accommodation, 3 meals a day , Transport to and from Airport and Range

Awards and certifications: Highfield international certification, letter of recommendation from Asteria and UK's largest CPO operator VIP Equalizer.

**Top students can utilize our networks to get placed in PMC companies abroad**


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